Holding Tight To Permanent

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I’m honestly not even sure what to say in this moment.

I’ve been writing (and not writing) this blog for more than eight years, and many of you have been around since the beginning. Those of you who have know how meaningful this moment really is. It’s miraculous.

Many of you also know Amanda Williams and I have been running She Reads Truth for several years now, and that we signed a publishing deal with LifeWay & B&H Publishing nearly two years ago. Even then, signing those contracts and saying ‘yes’ to the unknown was an obedience we knew would be hard, but we also trusted the Lord would use in our lives and in the lives of women around the world.

Amanda and I have been praying about this book-writing project for over two years and quietly working on it for nearly a year. When the time came to sit down and write, we were sure we had nothing to say.

But God reminded us of our own stories, so we wrote them down. As we wrote, He showed us how different we were from each other—Amanda and me. Then, holding our stories side by side, we realized how ‘The Same’ the Truth was in both of them—how ‘The Same’ the Truth is in all of our stories. And so we continued to write.

And now—now we have a book! (I honestly can’t believe it!) It’s called—appropriately— She Reads Truth: Holding Tight to Permanent In a World That’s Passing Away. 

Through tears we fought against writing, then through tears we fought for the right words. We shared some of the most tender pieces of our stories that felt like true sacrifices to share with the world—things we’ve never talked about publicly before—and we did it because it was obedience.

Two years of praying and planning and writing and today we get to show you the finished product—a beautiful, inside and out, BOOK!


Our prayer is that God will take our imperfect words to make much of His perfect Word. We really hope you love it!

Find out more at SheReadsTruthBook.com. It’s a good day, friends. A big day! A day to remember that God never stops being faithful.

xo – Raechel

PS – the book is currently $5 off on Amazon right now!


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6 Responses

  1. Lisa-Jo Baker 12 August 2016 at 1:37 pm

    Girl, I am SO thrilled for you both and for all of us who will get to read it! So proud. Cheering like a fool.

    Also, this line may have made my day, “I’ve been writing (and not writing) this blog for more than eight years” LOLOLOLOL! LOVE IT AND YOU!

  2. Amanda 12 August 2016 at 5:41 pm

    So very excited about this and thankful for your willingness to share your stories. Who would have thought this would be the story God was writing even just a few short years ago with a group of strangers who came together because of a half marathon and Jesus? Just so pumped for y’all!

  3. Laura D 11 March 2017 at 8:38 pm

    Congratulations! I’ve been around here for years and pop in every so often to see if there is new content- always hopeful! Super excited to hear about the book; I’ll send the link to my husband to order for my birthday :)


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