this moment

this moment

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I walked upstairs to check on the kids this afternoon and found them perched on stools in front of Oliver’s window. I had opened the
yellow flowers

a piece of my heart today

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Well hello, there. It’s been a super long time since I’ve written – at least anything beyond animated .gifs and idioms completed by Oliver +
idioms for 6yos

idioms and six-year-olds

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The other day Oliver spent the day with his cousin Beatrice at my sister’s house. I’m not really sure what prompted it, but midway through

happy friday!

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This is super random, I know. But I was poking around on my laptop last night and I found these two animated gifs from the

stitch fix (lately)

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[Before I start this post, I have to tell you something funny. Since my fashion photographer went back to college last week and I couldn't

He will sew us up.

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Over the past days and weeks, thousands upon thousands of believers have marched on Heaven, an army of prayer warriors storming the gates on behalf
onetothree copy

the honeymoon is OVER!

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It only took three days to bring me to my knees. How can anyone be expected to keep up such a cheerful, educational, teacher-y pace