masks and wings and the candy tax

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Hello friends! Sharing a few photos from our (delayed due to severe weather) Halloween last night! We walked around just the four of us and
this moment

this moment

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I walked upstairs to check on the kids this afternoon and found them perched on stools in front of Oliver’s window. I had opened the
idioms for 6yos

idioms and six-year-olds

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The other day Oliver spent the day with his cousin Beatrice at my sister’s house. I’m not really sure what prompted it, but midway through

He will sew us up.

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Over the past days and weeks, thousands upon thousands of believers have marched on Heaven, an army of prayer warriors storming the gates on behalf

am i seriously doing this? and THIS?

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The only thing that scares me more than homeschooling itself, is blogging about homeschooling. And yet, here I am. Doing both. I think blogging about