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Hello from the City by the Bay! I have the super fun opportunity this week to visit the Stitch Fix headquarters in San Francisco! I’m

stitch fix (lately)

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[Before I start this post, I have to tell you something funny. Since my fashion photographer went back to college last week and I couldn’t

Fix Faves

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It’s crazy to think that since January, eleven fixes have come and gone without being properly documented and shared! And they’ve been great ones, too

StitchFix for my Mama!

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Oh guys. You don’t know my Mom (or maybe you do!), but she is great! And cute. And friendly. And smart. And she makes really good

StitchFix #eleven

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It happened again! For the eleventh time, actually. My personal stylist sent me a box of clothes she thought I’d like and there were (as usual)

All fixed up!

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So, I haven’t done a StitchFix post in a while, but that definitely doesn’t mean I haven’t been getting fixes on the regular. I believe

butterflies + peter pan

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Let me start by saying that clothes are just clothes. It’s fun to dress up. And the Creator (in Who’s image we are made) created

Stitch Fix + Influence Conference

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There are two things that I’ve been talking about a lot lately: Stitch Fix + Influence Conference. You remember StichFix – it’s like having a