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It’s been twenty-five days since I shared the crazy busy, but super happy state of our lives. In fact, I remember specifically quoting Charles Spurgeon

Christmas in photos

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We are happily enjoying our annual Christmas trip in Michigan this week, which means lots of sledding, ice skating, cousins and good food! In fact,

tumbling hounds + favorite lyrics

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Hello, loves! I’ve had so many eager inquiries about the “A Thrill of Hope” print above my mantle via Instagram and my post yesterday, I
idioms for 6yos

idioms and six-year-olds

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The other day Oliver spent the day with his cousin Beatrice at my sister’s house. I’m not really sure what prompted it, but midway through
monster pillow

Bump Club/Land of Nod Bliss

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We’ve all done it. Be honest – you know you have! Those of us with babies who are no longer babies have almost all had
summer childrens book list

Summer Children’s Book List

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Good morning, friends! Happy Monday! Boy, I sure appreciated all of your kind encouragement and support for my homeschooling post last week. Lots of great

my funny people

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This is totally random, but I just have to share my two favorite birthday greetings from this morning, just because they make me that happy!

Duck, duck… Gus!

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Yes! Ducklings! Six little lady ducklings have been added to my sister’s family: Fancy Daisy Blue Sweetie Pip and two others who remain nameless. They’ll