hazel skating

New rhythms, bigger people

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We’re here, friends! We’re busy and happy and unpacking boxes and building wider margins and setting new rhythms and celebrating birthdays and seeing new mercies

the story of today

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It’s true y’all. Even though I could swear he was just born yesterday, my baby boy is turning 8 years old this week. His head

a common thread

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We were peers. Collaborators. Equals. Tereze, Mary Sunshine (I know. Best name.) and Seraphina greeted me with a traditional triple-cheek-touch and a whisper ofΒ ”I love
hazel turns four

Hazel Wren turns four!

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Today I’m guest blogging at The Land of Nod’s blog,Honest to Nod! Come over and say hello!! xo   We just love parties. And when
starbucks secret menu

what my kids get at starbucks

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We’re coffee drinkers at our house. Though sadly, I’m not a very *ahem* grown-up coffee drinker. I need chocolate syrup and whipped cream and a
her hair

today, I made soup for an army

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Just writing today because it’s what I do. When I hurt, I write. It wasn’t always that way. But when I woke up the morning