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So, I went to the doctor this morning.
Mid-August pneumonia. Naturally.
All blogging will be on hold until my lungs get a chance to recover.
Because blogging takes healthy lungs, you know.
Really, I just need to rest.
I do still have 2 or 3 really great shops that I want to share. I also have winners all picked (via, thankyouverymuch)for the previous giveaways. (the fun part is, I haven’t notified them yet. It could be you and you just don’t know it! hehe!!)
Seriously, I have to stop blogging while under the influence of a fever. It’s not cool.
Until I get feeling better (doc says 48 hours or so)…
**original post follows**

The Myers family is officially down for the count.

We’re sick.
Real bad.
Like last night my temp was up to 104.8 for a good hour before I could get it to go down to a more reasonable 101 or so for the rest of the night.
That bad.
(Some of you wondered if it was mastitis – no, I don’t believe so, but a legitimate guess. I honestly think it may be some kind of special virus imported especially for our family directly from Ethiopia. Fun. But, frankly, COMPLETELY WORTH IT! I wouldn’t exchange a single snuggle with my sweet nephews!)
Oliver and Hazel love to share. So this week, they’re sharing conjunctivitis (I don’t know what’s grosser to say: conjunctivitis or pink eye??) and an ear infection each.
In the middle of stinkin’ August.
Ry’s sick too. But, being the least sick of all of us, he’s stuck with the job of sucking it up, changing diapers and dolling out medications.
And that includes meds for Scout. It’s a family event.
Let’s just say that things are not pretty here.
Which brings me to the reason I’m writing this blog post.
An impressive number of you caught my little bloggy error on Tuesday (I had yet another delicious Etsy shop scheduled to share with you, but it wasn’t quite finished and published anyway… oops!) and I want to reassure you that that scrumptious post with the fabulous baby gear IS coming back. And so is the giveaway!!
The truth is, Hazel was actually gifted a couple of items from the shop and she looks so completely adorable in them that I can’t bear to publish the post without photos.
Enter: pink eye.
Yeah, sweet Hazey has been under the weather too and she’s asked me to wait to photograph her until her little baby eyes feel better.
No worries though, things are looking up – no outrageous fevers since this morning (just the regular type) and everyone’s eyes are looking much better.
Don’t judge us.
I plan to publish the complete post tomorrow after I photograph my favorite little girl in my favorite little hat.
It’s worth waiting for.
But, since I’m cool like that, I’ll tell you that you can visit the shop a day early here if you like.
Aren’t I friendly? Also, feverish?
Okay, I have to rest now. Oh Hazel, please give Mommy a good stretch of sleep tonight…

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10 Responses

  1. The Morrisons 13 August 2010 at 1:11 am

    >So sorry, Rae. I can't believe you guys are all sick. I wish I could help, but for obvious reasons need to stay the heck away! We are praying for quick healing.

  2. Martha 13 August 2010 at 3:35 am

    >Oh, so sorry to hear sickness abounds in the Myer's household. I hope it's reached it's limits.
    Praying for you all!

  3. His Amazing Grace 13 August 2010 at 10:16 pm

    >So sorry you are sick…so not fun!! Rest up (as best you can) drink lots of fluids and let your husband take care of you!!


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